First things first...

  • You will be downloading the digital media file.
  • You should download the digital media file to your laptop or desktop. Mobile devices (smart phones and tablets) typically do not allow direct downloads. You can transfer the file to the mobile device after it is downloaded.
  • You will be sent an email with a download link. If you don’t see it in your in-box, please check your spam folder.
  • The file is 4.6GB … it may take a bit so be patient.
  • Please use one of these browsers: Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox when downloading. Other browsers can cause issues with the file integrity.

Old school… 

Digital movies can be played on any computer or mobile device so long as the digital file is compatible with the player. You simply download the file and play. The movie file is stored on your computer, can be played on any device you own and as many times as you like. When you buy it you should be able to enjoy it.

Technical stuff… 

The Bards of War digital media file has been formatted to have compatibility across digital platforms. It uses the H.264 Codec and is formatted as an MP4 file. That means in simple terms it has been tested and will play on almost any video player. If you find that you are having trouble with play back, the best universal player is VLC and can be downloaded for free here.

When you purchase…

Once you complete your purchase an email will be sent to the email address you used in the checkout. The email will include a download link. In some browsers, a download link may also appear at the bottom of the transaction completed page. You can begin downloading immediately. 

**Apple Users: Apple does not allow direct downloads to iPhones and iPads. You will first need to download the file from a laptop or desktop and then transfer the file to iCloud (or other cloud storage that supported by an app for access on your portable device), then access it on the device.

How the download link works…

The download link will work for 48 hours. After that the link is decommissioned. This is done for security reasons. Once you click on the link the download will begin. The file is an HD file, so it is large (4.6 GB). Depending on your internet connection this may take a bit of time. Be patient. 

How to play the media file…

On the computer. Simply click on the file (Bards_Of_War-Fighting_Is_Everything.mp4) and it should open in your preferred media player. If you have problems getting the file to play, try switching media players. If nothing works, try downloading VLC player here … it is free and is the best universal player currently available. If the problem persists, try re-downloading your movie file. 

Playing direct to HDTV using a USB stick. You can transfer the movie file to a USB drive and play it directly on your TV (if the HDTV supports Direct USB input). Make sure the USB stick is formatted as FAT32 and is 8-15GB in size. Larger USB sticks tend to draw more power than the TV provides. Always follow your TV manufactures instructions for best results. 

Playing on a smart phone or tablet. We all like to have our movies to go. The best way to play the movie on a tablet or smart phone is to download it first to a laptop or desktop computer. Then upload the film to your cloud storage that can be accessed via the cloud storage app on your phone or tablet. Once uploaded, click on the cloud app on you phone/ tablet, search for the file and then click on the movie file to play. 

If you have any questions please contact: info@xpeditioncafe.com .