Spencer Fernando, Canadian Independent Journalist

“Having watched the entire film, I wholeheartedly recommend that you purchase it and watch it.

The footage of the ‘Patricia’s’ in the midst of battle is gripping, and shows the courage and toughness of Canada’s soldiers. And the breaks in between battle footage, where soldiers share their thoughts on their mission, the state of the world, and the importance of defending our way of life is an amazing opportunity to hear directly from those who serve our nation, rather than the politicians.”

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US Marine Corp Officer

“Terrorists  were harmed during the making of this film.”Any film that finishes with that tag line in the credits is worth a $10 download!

Warriors, this one hour and 20 minute film seeks to capture three distinct characteristics felt by every infantryman that has fought in a battle; conviction, righteousness and ruthlessness.  Told in their own words with very little narration, a battle-hardened company of Canadian Light Armored Infantrymen describe why they joined the military and their own individual “bigger picture” of why they fight. We have all heard the adage that we fight for the man on our left and the man on our right, but frankly this paints grunts as a mindless group of marauders hell bent on bringing death and destruction without reason or thought.  We are not that.  We bring death and destruction to support the political will of our country’s leaders in hopes of ultimately making the world a better place…or at least to make America safer.  We all have our own reasons for joining the fight; legitimate reasons that we deem honorable, selfless and important enough to risk our lives.  Winning the day in and day our battles is what achieves political goals in the end.  Here is where a great deal of faith is involved, a great deal of faith in our political leaders.  War is an extension of politics.  No one goes straight to violence without first trying to develop political solutions.  When politics fail, we impose our will…with a little bit of violence and anger.  Day to day, on the ground, we don’t get the luxury of seeing how our actions, and more importantly our sacrifices, fit into the bigger picture of political gain.  But these guys get it.  They joined to protect their way of life.  They joined because they saw this fight as protecting their homeland.  They felt it was not and should not be an American-pure fight.  And they are right.  The most astute comment, however, from one of the soldiers was that it had been a good day.  They didn’t lose anyone and they killed 20 Taliban. So many of our tactical leaders lost sight of the fact that you don’t win wars by bringing everyone home, you win wars by winning battles.  Period.  These guys get it.  For those of us that have been there, I think you will find this film hits near to home.  These men are great warriors.  I would serve with them anytime, anywhere.  I highly recommend you spend the $10, open a cold one and take some time to reminisce on the great days when we owned the streets of whatever part of Afghanistan or Iraq you served in and how great it was to win fights with the man on your left and the man on your right.

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“I bought this documentary.  I encourage everyone to get this and see how brave, courageous and righteous are the Canadian Armed Forces.  Love you guys!!” @Worried_Canuck

“You know, the more I think about this it is my opinion this film should be required viewing for 9th grade civics classes. At some point people need to know what we do so they can live their lives however they want. Thanks.” @whb1967

“Without the fight there is no life – we come out of the womb screaming – fighting for breath.” @txlady706

“Loved it!!! It was powerful, eye opening, emotional. I cried. My heart, gratitude & respect goes out to every soldier that ever served & will ever serve. It takes courage and a love for your country to sacrifice everything so we can be free.” @tess53

“I loved it. Brought tears to my eyes! I love & pray for our military & military all over. Great job. Thank you.” @ReginaT01716957