4th Dimension Warfare

When the word “war” is placed in any sentence or phrase it triggers a visual response of destruction and often death. Those kinetic images have been part of the narrative of war for ages. Yet the stories of ancient wars talk of hero’s, deeds and actions to tell a dimension of warfare we too willingly discard or ignore in our modern day... They were not just fighting the physical battle but the mental and spiritual battle as well.

Spiritual leaders will use the term “spiritual warfare.” Advertisers will use the concepts of “brand loyalty.” Military doctrine will discuss “influence operations.” Marketers will talk about “market share” and “customer satisfaction .” In the end they are all talking about the same thing; they are all talking about the war to dominate the terrain of your mind.

We live in an age where the methods to influence thought and affect brain chemistry are a known science. “Hacking “ the brain is no longer a fiction but a method of operation for an increasing part of our institutions of control, each feeding off of each other to selfishly gain a bigger percentage of “loyalty”. Though their visions tend to be over laden with hubris and arguably lack long term viability, the problem is those subject to these influences ... we the people... don’t believe the institutions of control can be defeated by any other means than fire and destruction. That’s the lie. And to be clear, it’s not just about surviving. It’s about winning.

The mechanisms of success begin by retraining your mind. Your mind is a vessel that will think and operate by the “food” you feed it. This is not a reference to diet... but a reference to KNOWLEDGE. The ability to interpret events, see deeper into issues and not be influenced by the torrent of crazy that surrounds our media and airwaves begins by focusing on your talents and building on those so that you become the best you can possibly be. We must stop worrying about the “what if’s” and predictions of doom... those are the tools of 4th dimension warfare. Instead, focus on what you are and what you do best. Then narrow your life around that and seek the be the best you can possibly be. We each have gifts, it is our responsibility to find and use them.

These are not simple motivational phrases but functional tools of survival, resistance and victory. However your faith defines your spirit and your body, the mind has been entrusted to us to shape and control. We are the stewards of this gift and protectors of its terrain to nurture and defend. Seek knowledge. Become the best at what you are and do. Settle for nothing less than greatness within yourself.

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