Achieving Greatness

The daily grind of life has consumed us to accept that excellence is restricted to those things we wish we had time and money to do or buy, but must put off for a future date or hope. The regiments of control that require us to pay for everything in our lives, that have replaced commodities with dollars, that have turned ownership and stewardship into renting and tenant-ship … these structures have been created to destroy free will and free thought. And with the loss of those, we lose our connection to faith and moral law.

We hear the stories of propagandized success. The demi-gods of capitalism that against all odds and incredible sacrifice achieve financial independence. These are the cultural idols to be worshiped as they rise to the top of the financial food chain to influence the next wave of seekers. What you are not told is that most of these idols have simply conquered the game… and have done so effectively enough that they have earned the right to be recognized. These are the gamers that have successfully gamed the system, and in turn have become the recruiters for the institutions future success. 

To compete in the game is to become the game. But nothing comes without a cost. To become a gamer you must sell yourself to its rules. You must accept that your ideas are the tools to victory. You must accept that you are the center of the universe. You must accept that your recognition is the gateway to success. You must embrace hubris, corruption and isolation. As is said, “It’s lonely at the top.” But the top of what? Is there even an alternative? 

The alternative begins by making an essential paradigm shift away from money to the moment by moment focus of maximizing our full potential. We must start by striving to become the best we can in every action and deed that we do. Through that process we create a space where we can separate our true nature from the identity that our culture tries to define for us. The formula is simple… focus your attention on every moment to achieve the greatest you can. And with each successive moment you will find new levels of success. Do not base success on monetary gains, but on greatness in all that you do. In that place you will find an uncompromising commitment to the small achievements of the moment. 

What follows then are the greatest reveals of all… faith and the gifts we are each born with. 

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