Almost There

There is always a balance between the perfection we seek and the need to accomplish. Perfection can be an anchor if we are not careful. It will keep us from completing the things that we are driven to do. We cannot grow our talents and gifts if we do not complete tasks. Perfection can quickly become that persuasive demon that keeps us idle and allows our talents and gifts to wither and rot.

Completion is the dark mistress of perfection. It stirs impatience, chaos and degrades focus. As we start a task we can too often visualize its end in perfect form. In those moments the door is opened to allow the senses to become overwhelmed with speed, short cuts and misfortune. When completion becomes the reigning force that drives us, the result too often turns our efforts into average.

Life is a balance... the pursuit of perfection bounded by the need for completion. Time is always the gauge that defines each. The American foundation was built on this balance, where an entire nations reputation grew out of the individual labors of its citizens that understood that you cannot produce average, you must produce on time and on schedule and you must always seek perfection within those boundaries. That is what built the brand the world calls America. 

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