What Is Your Philosophy of Life?

There is one simple truth about war… whatever you are will be revealed whether you want it or not. Come to war with false intentions and you will find yourself pealed back like an onion. It works off of a simple principle… if you know who you are,  you know who you are not. 

The enemy is dark and insidious. It gets into your thoughts, it erodes your confidence, it undermines your self-worth and perceptions of value. Faith becomes a concept rather than a way of living. Morals and ethics become defined by the dictations of social media noise, laws and corporate definition of acceptable behavior. We lose our will and in the process accept a form of enslavement to an institution that seeks to achieve one thing: become our master. 

We need to have a personal philosophy of life to be able to stand. You won’t find it by searching Google, nor will you find it sitting on the shelf at Walmart. Our personal philosophy of life needs to ask the same questions that any successful business asks when creating its identity:

  1. What is your vision for life?
  2. What is your purpose in that vision?
  3. What goals are you are trying to achieve within your purpose?
  4. What does your ‘win’ look like?

These are not simple answers, nor are the intended to be. If you define these in terms of material results they will fade and not last. If, however, you define these in terms of your talents, your gifts, and your spiritual objectives… you will begin to form an understanding of meaning for everything you do in the daily grind. This is the foundation of belief… it is the formation of a personal philosophy of life. 

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