Face your mortality...

Face your mortality... 

We seek stability and safety. These are not just words but primal coding from the beginning of our existence. As threats emerge our neurochemiclas stimulate a flight or fight response. And once it has passed we again seek stability and safety. It allows us the illusion that we can control our destiny.

Death is the great mystery. Other than suicide, we have no control over deaths calling. The fear of death is one of the most controlling forces in our life. Zen Buddhism is rooted in facing the fear of death to release yourself to live daily. Through a process of meditative parables, Zen practitioners work to focus their minds on the deeper meanings to release the hidden knowledge. Few achieve the state of freedom from deaths innate fear, but they do learn how to sit still for long periods. 

Christianity offers heaven by way of salvation. This becomes a trap for many. Rather than focusing on the process of living daily based on the teachings of the Bible, too many focus on the things they need to do to get into heavens gate. The fear of death is never confronted but replaced by a vision of reward for doing the right things. Yet the fear of death remains and erodes the most important part of Christianity... faith.

Death is one of the forces we cannot control. Silicon Valley elites are so fearful of death they are working feverishly to figure out how to download their brains onto computers. It’s a vision out of some sci-fi horror movie. Their fear of dying drives them to the point obsessiveness to control their fates. 

War is deaths reaper. It is the place where death is an aspect of every action and unavoidable. It is also the great teacher; war teaches us to embrace the moments. It teaches us to celebrate the insignificant. It teaches us that you can’t control what you can’t control. War is the freedom from deaths fear for war forces us to confront our mortality.  

They say there are no aethiests in a foxhole. Find your foxhole. Find your faith. Live for the moments. Death will eventually arrive; that’s a given. Until then, live free. 

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