Are you just another dish of vanilla?

Are you just another dish of vanilla?

We are not always ready to face who we are. When those moments arrive and the unexpected hits us and rocks us back on our heals, we face a choice. We must confront our fears and either let them control us, or take control of them to conquer what stands before us. We must fight.

We have become heavily influenced by the thinking that all ideas, all values, all people are equal. There is no greater distortion of truth; it is the cultural lie of the modern day. There is such a thing as right and wrong. There is such a position as moral and immoral. There are actions that are ethical and unethical. There are laws and rules that we are accountable to that are bigger than us, bigger than men or women. Yet we are continually told that unless we accept everything as equal, we are wrong. The question every person should answer is this: “What do you stand for?”

You are not worth anything unless you have something to fight for. Fighting is about struggle, it is about overcoming, it is about the beliefs you have that you stand on and defend. When you make everything vanilla, you destroy an essential part of the human soul; you destroy passion. Without passion you become just another drone to be controlled and manipulated.

So… What do you stand for? What do you fight for? What is worth sacrificing all to defend? When you can answer that, you have begun to live free. 

Bards of War: Fighting Is Everything

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