Do you live a life of conviction or a life of milk toast?

Do you live a life of conviction or a life of milk toast?

If  you don’t have something you stand for, your life becomes a metaphor of “milk toast.” You flex to what others want you to be. You bend to the whims of cultural and societal expectations. You quietly die inside. You lose yourself and all of your gifts you were born with. We were never meant to be lame; lame creatures become the food for the powerful. We were meant to be powerful. We were meant to be people of conviction. 

Our culture today tells us that being strong, being based on morals and values is wrong. According the the progressive religion of inclusiveness, everything we do and believe has equal value to any other belief or value. A rapist apparently needs to be appreciated as much as a loving parent. We are not to have opinions unless they are said in a way to include everyone else. We are not to stand for anything unless it is the “thing” everyone else agrees on. It is the cultural brainwashing of our day. We are expected to be controlled, and we are expected to accept that willingly. Time to regrow a spine!

Find something to fight for. You are not worth anything if you do not have a foundation of values and morals worth fighting for. If you live a life of principles, you understand the boundaries of right and wrong. There is a cultural myth that soldiers go to war for our nation, or for the love of adventure, or because the signed up and have to. None of that is true… soldiers go to war and fight based on principles; the same values and morals that this country was built upon. Those principles are built on the foundations of God, Family, and Country… in that order. We all need to get back to that.

Courage is expected, it is part of the requirement of citizenship. Be courageous. Seize your moral and ethical strength. Live a life based on principle. Live a life of conviction. Only then will you begin to live free.

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