You will never outgrow warfare...

The internet has created an entire generation of feckless attackers. They take the form of trolls, stalkers, disrupters, or worse...  they become content creators simply to disseminate intimidation and hate. They find strength in being anonymous. They are weak, they are spineless, they stand for nothing. They have no understanding of a code of integrity, principles or convictions. They are the sewage that in past times would have been washed out of the village. 

Living by principles and convictions means standing up and standing strong. But you must be willing to stand... even when your knees are buckled beneath you... you must take up your amor and shield and stand firm. Fighting is everything.

You will never outgrow warfare. You must simply learn to fight. Choose your battles wisely, be strategic in thinking and ruthless in tactical execution. Above all, never quit. 

Bards of War: Fighting Is Everything 

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